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About Me

My name is Shivam Bharuka. I am an undergrad studying Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Indian Society has shaped my life to become open, accommodating, and as wide as the country’s social fabric. I am a tech-savvy person who loves combining technology with arts.

I am fond of writing, travelling, and entrepreneurship. I plan to live a future which will bring these things together.


Language Modeling View

Language Modeling

Language Modeling is used to analyze what people are thinking about on certain topics. It analyzes what people are tweeting about on that topic and does a real-time predictive analysis.

Software Stack: Node.js, Express.js, HavenOnDemand API, jQuery, Highcharts, MongoDB.

Prize: 2nd Place in Best use of HPE HavenOnDemand API at WildHacks 2015.

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Gigster View


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Submit your project and get a quote within 10 minutes. We can start work immediately and you'll have weekly check-ins with your Product Manager until we're done. I work as a full stack web developer.

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Historical Data Team Lead

Using social media sites as indicators, we are making a model to predict patterns in the stock market. This would be similar to how algorithmic trading systems trade in the stock market.

My aim is to do web scraping and collecting all the tweets in the past and storing in the hadoop cluster. This data is then be used by visualization and ML to do stock prediction.

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TellMeDave View


I worked on TellMeDave website in Summer 2015.

My work involved working with Ruby on Rails to develop the frontend and a database to store the instructions given by the user. I also developed on the coppercube simulator to create the environment and fix the exisiting bugs.

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RoboBrain View


I worked in the RoboBrain team in Summer 2015.

My work involved working on the frontend to design the input terminal for the commands and write the queries to extract information from the robobrain graph using cypher query language. I also wrote the documentation for the robobrain query language(RaQuel).

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Humanitas View


I am the IT director of Humanitas.

Humanitas is a charity foundation, which is based in UK that wants to educate children of all ages in emerging nations.

In summer 2015, I worked to generate the online presence of Humanitas. During this role, I designed the website and deployed it online.

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TextTerminal View


I developed a simple textarea looking like a terminal with a prompt using jquery, CSS and html. Work on Regex parser is in progress.

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TemplatesPack View

Templates Pack

I am currently working on templates for a personal website, a blog and a resume. The idea behined this is that many people such as professors and graduates don't have enough time to work on the outlook of these personal particulars. So, templates which could be easily imported by these people to present information in a clearly catalogued way would be nice.

It will be available soon ...

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Opiliones View

Project Opiliones

I worked on project opiliones in Fall 2014.

I was selected in the Promoting Undergraduate Research in Engineering(PURE) program under Luke Wendt for fall 2014. The team focused on creating an eight legged daddy long legs robot. I worked to develop a design to reduce the amount of force needed to operate joints and thus implemented a tendon based system trying to replicate the movement of an opilione.

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I am currently involved in research with Prof. Dan Roth in the Cognitive Computation Group. In the past, I have worked with Prof. Ashutosh Saxena and Dr. Dipendra Misra in Natural language processing at Stanford and Cornell University.

Previously, I also worked in the UIUC Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology under Luke Wendt with guidance from Prof. Stephen Levinson.

LBJava: Learning Based Java

TellMeDave: Learning to map text to actions

Project Opiliones: An eight-legged Robot

More about me . . .


I work as a full stack web developer at Gigster.


I have a startup called Proco.


I am the Webmaster of PURE. Its an RSO for undergraduate research.


I am a Car fanatic. I enjoy watching TopGear.


I love music. My favourites are Avicii, Ed Sheeran and Boyce Avenue.


I enjoy reading about astronomy. I have spent many nights gazing at stars.


I am also a
Graphics Designer.



Success is not an accident,
you have to make it happen.

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